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It will help you not only develop a strong portfolio for your national scholarship applications; it will also guide you in your efforts toward graduate school, further professional pursuits, even job interviews. Because you have given yourself a moment to stop, think, and write about what is at the very core of you and how that has and will continue to shape who you are becoming.

If done well, your Personal Statement will be an authentic representation of yourself and will serve you in the best of ways, providing you with a kind of bell-weather as you pursue your next best thing. In fact, with minor adjustments apropos to your developing life-story, you may find your Personal Statement remains relatively unchanged at its core. Because, chances are fairly good that your own core sense of self will remain relatively the same.

So, rise to the challenge of the Personal Statement, overcome it, and benefit from the process of thinking and writing about your most authentic self. And, of course, remember that you have the support of the CCSA staff, who recognize the difficulty of starting to write a Personal Statement. There is absolutely no reason you should feel you have to tackle the Personal Statement process on your own.

Even though your final draft will likely only be words or less, write long. You can always edit down and make your drafts tighter as your thinking and writing becomes more focused. Expect to write a number of drafts, hence the necessity of giving yourself plenty of time to think, reflect, write, and edit.

Once you have a draft you are comfortable with, start to peddle it out to friends, family, peers, colleagues, and faculty mentors and advisors for further guidance and suggestions on refining your statement.

Why a Personal Mission Statement Is Useful

Of course, share any and all drafts with CCSA staff as they are happy to help with conceptual challenges right on down to red-lining;. Give examples. So, be specific and identify relevant antidotes that help paint a better picture of the story you are telling;. Give yourself plenty of time to edit, revise, spell-check, edit, revise, edit, send out for review by others, read aloud, edit, revise, set the document aside for hours, and then edit one last time.

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement (8 Steps to Change your Life)

Remember this is the core of your application and it is your chance to articulate your core self and what care about in an authentic way. It deserves all the time you can give. Food for Thought: Good writing takes time and practice. English Literature Personal Statement. It is "like a dash of blue paint", "yellowy" like her daughters and then "dark, shining" English and Psychology Personal Statement. It seems that the greatest situational irony is encountered in life itself.

For this reason I chose to study English Literature. Language is ceaseless and boundless and its only limits stem from the conscious decisions of the author, hence, every literary device and subtle inference is valid Everyone has something that stirs their passion. Something that sparks an interest so deep-seated that to not pursue it would be unthinkable. Some find theirs in numbers, others in athletics; perhaps one may find a love for science, or a penchant for design German and English Literature Personal Statement. Theology and English Personal Statement. The beauty of Literature is that it is not limited by time or by reader, but transcends such boundaries and inspires passion Books and films mediate and inform our lives.

It seems to me that stories are the chief means by which we make sense of that within us and around us. Stories are assemblies of text; texts permeate everything Whilst it could be classed as hyperbole, I feel my sentiments are similar English, Education and Sociology Personal Statement. I have always been enthusiastic about English. I spent a lot of time reading when I was younger and feel that this benefited me by encouraging me to develop and learn quickly. I had a vivid imagination as a child, possibly influenced by my interest in the captivating work of such authors as Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Charles Kingsley English Language and Linguistics Personal Statement.

Language is common to all people. By its nature, it is something that links us all together, yet our use of language is a major factor in defining us all as individuals. For something that comes so naturally to all of us, language can hold great power and influence My imagination is a big part of my life, as I love to write and create different worlds and characters. The works of JK Rowling first introduced me, when I was younger, to all of the possibilities that can be found in a fictional world, and since delving into these, I now aspire to become a writer When reading the book I was captivated by the absorbing plot, beguiling characters and incredibly vivid imagery.

Since that time, I have been a passionate reader, particularly admiring the fluidity and profound depth of character and emotion that can be found in work by authors such as Sylvia Plath and Doris Lessing English and German Personal Statement. Throughout sixth form I have developed all of my interests both academic and extra-curricular. In school I excel at English Literature and German because I can express myself fully in both subjects, I enjoy English as there are many interpretations to one piece of work and I like to hear other people's opinions and then develop my ideas further English and History Personal Statement.

I believe History inspires optimism. With the state being cut and our economy weakening we could easily fall to pessimism. I just have to look within history to see that just over years ago Queen Mary I killed 'rebels' for heresy when they protested, whereas Modern freedoms have allowed me to protest openly in several Unite marches In the words of William Makepeace Thackeray: "There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write. English Literature and French Personal Statement.

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  5. My love of literature stems from the freedom it gives my imagination. I am a contemplative and dedicated person, widely-read and prepared to work long and hard to fulfil the goals I set for myself, both now and during my English Literature and French degree. My family and I are very close, and they have taught me to have confidence and individuality combined with politeness, humility and generosity It was whilst in the linguistically diverse culture of South Africa, that my wish to study English Language and Linguistics was confirmed.

    In a country with eleven national languages, I was able to see Krashen's theories on second language acquisition in practice, learn about the 'clicking' sounds of Xhosa and meet people, who are deemed "uneducated", yet are fluent in two or more languages My 'A' Level English studies have introduced me to a more academic teaching style with an emphasis on the need for independent work, in order to gain the very best grades.

    I enjoy seeking more depth and insight, whether for school texts of private reading and study English Language Personal Statement. English Language. To most, a simple form of interaction. To the world, the mother tongue of communication and business. For me, a passion and hopefully my future.

    Excited to be a part of the modern day lingua franca, I am intrigued by the importance and the complexity language holds My increasing enthusiasm for news at local, national and international levels, together with my long-standing ambition to become a journalist, makes a journalistic course a natural choice for me.

    My reason for wanting to enter into the field of journalism can quite simply be put down to a developing awareness of the need for informed and balanced representation of facts On completing my GCSEs, financial circumstances meant I had to spend three years in full time employment My greatest strength lies in my ability to communicate effectively through my writing skills. I entered college certain that I wanted to be an English major because of my love of literature.

    Through my courses it did offer me the opportunity to read many works of literature, they also challenged my analytical skills far more than I ever imagined JK Rowling had her midnight cafes; Roald Dahl's garden shed has produced wheelbarrows of children's literature and the Bronte sisters roamed the vast expanse of the Yorkshire moors. I personally retreat to a caravan at the bottom of my garden where I find the creative stimulus required to write prizewinning poetry and biology essays alike Whilst some people are terrified by, or worse, ambivalent towards modern poetry, I fail to remain unmoved after reading Jean 'Brita'Breeze' s "Moonwise" which epitomises the strength of emotion found within a short verse When I was very young, I used to love reading so much that my career ambition was to own a newsagents.

    This fondness for the written word has been in the background all of my life, and as the study became more intricate, I realised how interesting it could be From an early age I have been interested in reading and in the English language. Through the GCSE and A-level literature courses, I have been able to refine this interest into an analytical approach. I am fascinated by the way literature has both influenced and been influenced by the history and culture of society The study of English has always been my passion, enabling me to challenge my own assumptions about texts, not by seeking unambiguous answers, but rather through the stimulating exploration of diverse thinking and interpretation Ever since I was a child I have had a passion for reading and writing and I believe that English is the ideal course for me to study at university.

    In school, English has consistently been my strongest subject and one that I find the most challenging, yet rewarding I am applying for English Literature first and foremost because I very much enjoy reading and I look forward to extending my knowledge and my understanding of a wide range of texts.

    In this section

    What attracts me to the subject is the way in which ideas and truths are communicated in a creative and relevant way and because literature is fundamental in shaping our views and beliefs After careful consideration and consultation between my parents, tutor and teachers, I have chosen to apply for a degree course in English, as it is a subject for which I have a real passion, and would be useful for a future career in the media industry As a child, I would either be writing, reading or telling stories and ever sine then, have read a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts from a variety of genres and eras This passion for language has led me to many different extra-curricular activities Why choose to study English?

    To me this is a question, which can be answered in easy and simple terms.

    Examples of Personal Statements

    In my opinion it is one of the most exciting and intriguing subjects that an undergraduate can choose to study Having thoroughly enjoyed the study of English Language at A Level, I believe I have a secure academic foundation with which to approach a degree course in this subject with confidence and enthusiasm. The English Language takes a fundamental and crucial role in enhanced communication between different social groups, and to read English would, therefore, be extremely beneficial to both the development of my communication skills and my ability to express ideas and opinions Additionally, a course in English at this level would provide me with an opportunity to further my knowledge of the theory and historical basis of the language - each of these being aspects of the course that particularly interest me English and French Personal Statement.

    Since learning to read from a very young age, literature has been my greatest love. I am fascinated by the impact that written words have on society, and how they influence the way that people interpret issues such as war or politics One of my biggest assets is my big mouth. I love to express myself whenever I can, wherever I can, and however I can. I express myself though the strong sweeping from the bow of my violin, brushing the strings fervently as I tell a story of joy or sorrow English Literature and Linguistics Personal Statement.

    College in Hertfordshire, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Whereas in secondary school nothing was really required as teachers were more inclined to help their pupils, teachers of A Level subjects expect more independent research and study I was greatly moved by Lee's themes of innocence and prejudice and felt if this one novel could make such a difference to the way I perceived the world there must be many more out there waiting to be read English Literature and History Personal Statement.

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    Since my childhood, barely a night has gone by without indulging in a book. I cherish the hours spent poring over literary masterpieces as diverse as The Great Gatsby, Othello and the poems of John Donne, all of which I particularly enjoyed The words we speak are like the actions we take; they define us, which is why I wish tofurther my knowledge of English and literature Languages are my strength, the main focus of my studies, and I have always studied them with energy and interest.

    I have chosen to study the combination of English and French because I see languages as assets, not only as keys to communication but also as keys to accessing literature Over million people speak English as their first language so it is often referred to as a "global language". We all use it and we all know it yet I feel that few of us understand it. This is why I am interested in developing my own understanding of the language that I, and those around me, use and encounter on a daily basis It has always been my greatest ambition to learn to speak a second language fluently.

    I firmly believe that languages, as the building blocks of communication, are increasingly vital skills to possess in a modern world in which traditional boundaries are rapidly changing and with this in mind, I studied three foreign languages for GCSE, enjoying the experience greatly, although it was my intention to carry only French onto a higher level of study Since a very young age I have been fascinated by books. In Year Nine I realised my passion for English when an inspiring teacher encouraged me to look at literature from a broader viewpoint.

    Nancy Sommers, "Between the Drafts.

    Write a Killer Personal Statement! - My Tips & Tricks ✏️

    Richard F. Nordquist, "Voices of the Modern Essay.

    Personal Statement | Examples + The Definitive Guide to Unbox Personal Statement Writing

    Share Flipboard Email. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. Updated January 11, Scott Fitzgerald. The personal essay is one of the most common types of writing assignment--and not only in freshman composition courses. Many employers, as well as graduate and professional schools, will ask you to submit a personal essay sometimes called a personal statement before even considering you for an interview. Being able to compose a coherent version of yourself in words is clearly an important skill.

    What qualities does a personal essay reveal about you? Here are just a few: Communication Skills How effective are your communication skills? Do you write clearly, concisely, and correctly?

    a personal statement is defined as A personal statement is defined as
    a personal statement is defined as A personal statement is defined as
    a personal statement is defined as A personal statement is defined as
    a personal statement is defined as A personal statement is defined as
    a personal statement is defined as A personal statement is defined as
    a personal statement is defined as A personal statement is defined as

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