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Yale University political science professor challenges the adequacy of the United States Constitution to protect in reality the fairness it promises. Criticizes the Electoral College and the inequality of representation in the Senate and proposes new ways to think about the problems of American democracy. Are American Elections Fair?

Ten essays debate the U. Includes arguments for and against the Electoral College, electronic voting machines, voting rights for felons and undocumented immigrants, and campaign finance reform. Discusses the disputed presidential election of and provides a list of relevant organizations. For junior and senior high readers. Distills the American electoral process and critiques its imperfections.

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Surveys the history of political parties, the Electoral College system, presidential campaigns, and state party organizations. Author laments low voter turnout, the lack of competition among political parties, and the state of campaign financing. A reporter--who has covered every presidential election since Eisenhower's--recommends reforms for choosing candidates.

Uses anecdotes to describe how the current system of campaigning has been corrupted by television, money, and ambition.

Should We Abolish the Electoral College?

Suggestions include dismantling the Electoral College, banning soft money, and shortening the primary season. Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio. Grace Campbell learns about campaigning, voting, and the Electoral College system when she runs for school president against a popular boy from another class. For grades Explains the process for electing the president of the United States.

Discusses the Electoral College system of voting, the role of political parties, candidates' campaigns and debates, and the reasons all citizens should vote. Presents historical facts about former presidents and past elections.

Explains the U. Emphasizes the right and the responsibility of citizens to vote. The Electoral College by Martha S.

Persuasive Essay on Electoral Colleges

Hewson Discusses the Electoral College procedure for choosing United States presidents that gives each state the same number of votes as its representatives and senators in Congress. Reviews conflicts arising during the disputed elections of , , and especially For grades and older readers. Describes the United States's first presidential election crisis, in , between the Federalists under John Adams and Republicans under Thomas Jefferson. The framers put a great deal of thought into establishing the Electoral College, but were still uncertain exactly how it would work in practice.

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  6. The first serious problem emerged in the election of , when Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican candidate for president received the same number of electoral votes as his chosen running mate, Aaron Burr. After a chaotic process, including no fewer than 36 votes, Jefferson was elected president and Burr V.

    The whole debacle led to the adoption of the 12th Amendment, which mandated that electors specify their choices for president and vice president.

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    Congressional clerks help unseal and organize the Electoral College. This happened for the first time in , to Andrew Jackson , who had risen from the backwoods of the Carolinas, with little formal education, to become a successful slaveholding lawyer in Tennessee and the celebrated hero of the War of All four leading candidates in the election were from the same party, the Democratic-Republicans.

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    Though Jackson got the most electoral votes 99 and held a slight lead 38, votes in the popular vote, no candidate received a majority in the Electoral College, and the decision again fell to the House of Representatives, who would decide between the top three finishers, Jackson, John Quincy Adams who received 84 electoral votes and Secretary of State William Crawford.

    Speaker of the House Henry Clay, who had come in fourth in the presidential race and hated Jackson, suddenly had tremendous influence over the election results. The Kentuckian forged an alliance between electors in Ohio and New England including states that had voted decisively for Jackson in order to hand the White House to Adams, who later appointed Clay as his secretary of state.

    Since then, four other U. Obama Officially Declared Winner of Election.

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