Essay climate change in bangladesh

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'Boats pass over where our land was': Bangladesh's climate refugees – photo essay

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Environment and Global Climate Change | Bangladesh | U.S. Agency for International Development

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Climate change in Bangladesh: Causes, effects and suggestions

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So let us improve your grades by taking care of your homework! Custom homework help. Your custom homework help is one click away! It has a total land area of , sq. Eighty percent of these areas are flood plains meaning that during the rainy season, a majority of the country is prone to flooding.

Bangladesh ranks out of countries in development according to a recent Human Development Report. Typical to the climate of Bangladesh are heavy rainfall, high temperatures, and high humidity; this climate is marked by three seasonal alterations: medium to heavy rainfall, hot summer, shrinking winter. The fourth impact is salinity intrusion, a problem being experienced in nearly the entire coastal belt next to the Bay of Bengal Salinity problem, severe temperature, and drought are among the climate change effects responsible for the decreasing crop yield in Bangladesh Van Aalst, In the coastal area, salinity intrusion is bringing about dire implications for the coastal land whose traditional use was rice production.

There have also been adverse effects in the fisheries sector as a result of climate change. In Bangladesh, 3. Within the territory of Bangladesh, there are about species of fish and most of them are sensitive to certain fresh and salt water conditions. Bangladesh is home to a large diversity of ecosystems such as the mangrove forests found at the south-most part of the country.

The changes in Earth climate have and will continue to negatively affect the ecosystem of the forests round the country; especially the species, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, already identified in the Sundarbans forest. These changes in water resources and hydrology will have a substantial impact on the economy of the Bangladesh since most people depend on subsurface water for the fishery, irrigation, and navigation, industrial production, and other like activities Faruque and Ali, In Bangladesh, 40 percent of the urban population dwells in squatter and slum settlements of cities which are much prone to the risk of disaster when it rains.

Climate change has, thus, put the urban poor at direct risk in the face of natural disasters especially due to lack of proper infrastructure. In there was a Cyclone and Storm surge, and the number of women deaths that resulted from it was five times higher than that of men Haque, and Blair, In Bangladesh, around a quarter of the population live in the coastal areas; a majority of this population is affected directly or obliquely by river bank erosion, coastal floods and tidal surges, tropical cyclones, salinity, etc.

Zhu, Linham, and Nicholls, As the sea level continues to rise, Bangladesh will with time lose a lot of its land surface to sea water; about 30 million people rising in the coastal areas may turn to refugees due to such impacts of climate change. From the Bay of Bengal, salinity intrusion penetrates kilometers into the country during the dry season; the scenario is likely to deteriorate as climate change gradually progresses.

The Bay of Bengal at the tilt of the North Indian Ocean experiences severe cyclonic storms and frequently generated long tidal waves; these hit the coast line with huge impacts due to the cyclonical shape and shallow nature of the Bay near Bangladesh. According to the Global Climate Risk Index compiled by German Watch, an international nongovernmental organization working on the development and environmental issues, Bangladesh tops the list of countries Singh, Pathirana, and Shi, The melting glaciers of the Himalayas in the north add to the river water, and so does the encroaching Bay of Bengal from the south; the excess water leads to severe flooding.

Then prevalent intense storms go ahead to make the flooding situation worse. The United Nation notes that a quarter of coastline in Bangladesh could be swamped should the sea rise three feet in the coming 50 years; 30 million Bangladeshis would consequently get displaced from their farms and homes. In adapting to the rising sea level, the nation should at moderate expenses repair, extend, and better maintain its 7, kilometers-long coastal dikes Adger, The country should also quicken and invest more on the research they have underway into saline-resistant rice varieties.

Relying on neighboring countries for resettlement is not an option; India, for example, is constructing a fence across its border. Bangladesh should also be at the frontline in the fight against emission of greenhouse gasses by convincing China, United States, India, and Europe to reduce the said emissions. This paper has looked at what climate is and what differentiates it from the weather.

The paper has further delved climate change, an alteration of the climate conditions of a place and the world as a whole. The center of climate change discussion in this paper is the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh: climatic impacts and sectorial impacts which comprise of fisheries and agriculture; forestry, water resources and hydrology; and Urban areas and vulnerable groups, and coastal areas. There is also a discussion on what is responsible for the climate change effects in the Himalayas: melting glaciers, greenhouse gasses among others.

As much as the country is expected to deal with the climate change impacts it experiences, the rest of the world should also come in and assist Bangladesh as well as other countries facing and that will face similar challenges. Archer, D. The long thaw: how humans are changing the next , years of Earth's climate.

Princeton University Press. Flannery, T. The weather makers: How man is changing the climate and what it means for life on earth. Faruque, H. Climate change and water resources management in Bangladesh. Haque, C. Vulnerability to tropical cyclones: evidence from the April cyclone in coastal Bangladesh. Disasters, 16 3 , pp. Karim, M. Impacts of climate change and sea-level rise on cyclonic storm surge floods in Bangladesh.

Global Environmental Change, 18 3 , pp.

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Karl, T. Global climate change impacts in the United States. Cambridge University Press. Mohammad, N. Climate change and Displacement in Bangladesh: Issues and Challenges.

essay climate change in bangladesh Essay climate change in bangladesh
essay climate change in bangladesh Essay climate change in bangladesh
essay climate change in bangladesh Essay climate change in bangladesh
essay climate change in bangladesh Essay climate change in bangladesh
essay climate change in bangladesh Essay climate change in bangladesh

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