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If a parent spanks his child with love as the intent, then the approach to spanking the child is different. Another problem with punishment is that it teaches the child bad habits. Children believe that if his parent is hitting him, then it must be okay to hit anyone else Hunt. Rather, if a parent lovingly spanks his child at the appropriate times, then the child does not infer this type of reasoning. Knowing the difference between discipline and punishment, parents should have the correct view of how to discipline their child with the right intentions.

If their intentions to correct a child are with love, then it is discipline. This type of training encourages the child to fix their behavior for future situations and consequently become more mature. All in all, discipline differs from punishment in that it trains the child to discern better between right and wrong, and approaching the child with the pretention to hurt him is punishment. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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Your time is important. Get essay help. Accessed 19 October September Your essay sample has been sent. Canadian Pediatric Society states that, disciplining children is one of the most important yet difficult responsibilities of parenting, and there are no shortcuts. The physician must stress that teaching about limits and acceptable behaviour takes time and a great deal of energy. The goal of effective discipline is to foster acceptable and appropriate behaviour in the child and to raise emotionally mature adults.

A disciplined person is able to postpone pleasure, is considerate of the needs of others, is assertive without being aggressive or hostile, and can tolerate discomfort when necessary. The meaning of rewards and punishment in the system of education is very local. It is not among the educational tools that are needed every day and for every step. It is possible, for example, during the day. Sometimes a whole week could be worked with a class without using rewards and punishments. In the family, where right relationships between parents and children exist, it is possible not to use rewards and punishments much longer.

This paper is going to discuss whether a corporal punishment is needed in order to discipline children or not.

There is no issue, which is more controversial for parents and professionals than the question of whether corporal punishment, such as slippers, should be a part of an educational process. All recognize that punishment plays an important role, but not all come to an agreement according to such methods.

However, this issue has become so prevalent only in the twentieth century. Before that time, a physical punishment was used in all educational systems implicitly. Modern parents consider that birch is outdated and is being a too cruel method of education for children. Thus, a lot of questions arise referring to this issue. Is it humane to use a birch? What do modern scientists say about a physical punishment? Recently, child psychologists and educators, as it is clear from the online publications, have reviewed a traditional view concerning the inadmissibility of the physical punishment of children.

Sometimes, though not in all cases, the physical punishment can be surprisingly effective. This is what said by researchers. However, it should be used with a caution and wisdom. Sweden, in , was the first to make it illegal to strike a child as a form of discipline. Since then, many other countries in Europe have also instituted bans, as have New Zealand and some countries in Africa and the Americas.

The corporal punishment has its advantages and disadvantages.

Methods of Child Discipline Essay -- child punishment,human rights,educa

A cruel and neglect treatment of parents towards their children leads to such a phenomenon as children escape from home, increasing the child homelessness, child trafficking, and a commercial sexual exploitation of them. The corporal punishment is a part of child abuse. The use of such a method of education can lead to some conflicts in families, which, in turn, cause the effects described above.

Save your time for something pleasant! It has long been studied that a child plays in the future the pattern of behavior that he or she has known as being a child.

16. Should parents be punished if children commit crime

Physical abuse then becomes a norm in the life. In addition, some children, who were punished by their parents, according to the observations of practicing psychologists, have low self-esteem, a lack of confidence in them, and an inactive lifestyle. There is another option — such children have the increased levels of aggression, especially towards a weaker person.

It is also related to the illegality of education at different ages; inconsistency in relationships of adults and children; inconsistency of the content, aims and means of education among parents; and the desire of recognition in some areas professional , economic, and social. Few more causes also include the impossibility to achieve it; the sudden major changes in different spheres of life job loss, illness, death of his wife, and etc. There are as well such causes as socio-cultural perceptions of gender that dictates a certain behavior, cultural norms, a fashion, and the psychological qualities: ability, activities of the profession.

Thus, it is encouraged those behavior that matches a gender role. It is depressed those that does not meet a gender role. In most situations, the person who uses the corporal punishment is not aware of bad consequences of such behavior, believing that his or her actions are caused with positive intentions, are legitimate and justified. However, the effects of the use of the physical punishment on children can be negative and prolonged. A child, who has suffered abuse, receives a traumatic experience, accompanied by traumatic experiences, reproduced in the form of the inappropriate behavioral responses.

All this leads to a disorganized behavior and its development.

essay punishment children Essay punishment children
essay punishment children Essay punishment children
essay punishment children Essay punishment children
essay punishment children Essay punishment children
essay punishment children Essay punishment children

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