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Mjekiqi M. Mols, N. Nguyen, P. ProCredit Bank Kosovo official website, n. Raiffesen Bank Kosovo official website, n. Sathye, M. Internet Banking by Australian. Sayar, C. Vyas, S. Zineldin, M.

Toggle navigation. Home Vol 5, No 1 Mehmeti. Abstract The following thesis will present the results of a study on the impact of electronic marketing in bank positioning in Kosovo. Development of information technology has brought changes in every day work offering various opportunities to the clients and its activities in particular to financial institutions In this study we have surveyed customers of the banks that operate in Kosovo.

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MASTER'S THESIS. Factors Influencing the Adoption of Internet Banking

Something that catches your attention and makes you want to read more. You would! And this is why good dissertation topics on finance. You can get bonus points for your work. The topic of your paper can make the difference between a mediocre grade and a top grade. Finding great topics on finance is more difficult than you think. Most students are looking for them online and offline. Findings reveal that e-customer service and perceived value significantly influence on internet banking adoption and brand loyalty of Banks.

This research is first in its nature that reveals the influence of e-customer service on internet banking adoption and enriches the e-service quality literature. Therefore, present study will just focus on internet banking that is the most innovative and convenient service of Electronic banking. It was argued that organization should use technology if they want to survive and get advantage on competitors [ 1 ]. According to the Earl [ 2 ]; Rahi [ 3 ] the most important tool in business is technology without it companies cannot survive and never get advantages on competitors.

In views of Chaffey [ 4 ] elaborates internet and its related services, it is a physical network that work all over the world and it console different computers. With accession to this, Domegan [ 5 ] also described and draw the map of technology, found that technology is dependent on customer understanding if it is understandable then it is beneficial for the customer and for companies otherwise it will create more problems. According to Mattila et al.

Moreover for transaction Finland is gained in number first place where online transaction is made via internet banking. This is possible because every bank of Finland is providing internet banking services and customers are well familiar with their banking products and its online features.


An author like Barnes-Vieyra et al. Banks and even in other sectors internet would be the central owner and perform different types of transaction with minimum risk. Soon people will give priority to internet for all types of transaction [ 8 ]. The use of internet is not limited to banking sector it could be used for non-commercial activities like paying the tax or entertainment.

Precisely we can define e-commerce as applications that facilitate two are more than two parties for the purpose of business exchange [ 9 ]. Hence, Zhuang et al. Furthermore, Jayawardhena et al. Mols [ 12 ] describe the importance of customer relationship by using technology you can monitor your customer in good way as compare to physical interaction.

A plethora of studies that have conducted that further effect on internet banking or overall electronic banking [ 9 , 13 - 15 ]. In views of Rahi et al. Banking sector is a huge sector and has significant impact on respective country economy. Within banking sector, internet banking is the most convenient service for customers and for Banks [ 13 ]. For banks, it is helping to enhance efficiency and profitability [ 14 ].

Internet is playing important role in our lives as Gupta et al. Hence [ 14 , 15 ] a website in internet banking plays delivery channel role that is very important in usability point of view. The main constructs that were used in the development of theoretical framework had described below one by one in different sections. In recent years, trend has changed as the ratio of technology users are growing.

It could perceive that the trend of using internet is swelling [ 14 ]. In this new area people want easiness in every field of life and internet banking is the most popular service in banking sector as it has totally changed the traditional banking system [ 13 ]. In views of Liao et al. You may have seen change in website after a short time period it is because they want to get competitive advantages by improving their technological services [ 3 ].

Information technology is a powerful tool or enabler in the era of customer service and create more opportunities for customer and as well as for investors [ 13 ]. In addition to that authors like Weick et al. Hence, the cost they are paying for a specific transaction it would be effective, mangers can watch their customers activities that how they are performing their operation during transaction [ 14 ]. The most important factor is branchless banking where customers can perform their transaction where they dream to pay or buy the thing by using internet banking [ 13 ].

According to Nabi [ 22 ] stated that there are different types of definitions of internet banking therefore we can accumulate that it is a network that combine the computers all over the world. According to Jayawardhena et al. Hence, Mols [ 12 ] claim that internet will change the way of business and the way of companies that in which they perform their activities.

Furthermore Kardaras et al. Shariq [ 15 ] explain that the use of internet and technology is the most important element to improve efficiency in business.

51 Finance Dissertation Topics For Students Online

With accession to previous studies Tan et al. Orr [ 26 ] illustrate, banks that are not providing internet banking they will lose their customer. According to ar et al. Further to this Domegan [ 5 ] postulated that companies get competitive advantage by improving their technology moreover technology is the important business tool if companies want to get advantage or want profit they must review their websites.

Supporting to literature Domegan [ 5 ] narrates that internet banking can perform transaction with efficiency. In views of Lichtenstein et al. The brand is the identity of the product and image explains that is brand valuable or not [ 14 ]. Brand is as important as product itself it differentiate the product with other products. Brand is an emblem or symbol and this symbol motivate the customer to buy their product, symbol may be called differently like logo according to the easiness or trademark.

Furthermore the key role of a brand is to distinguish a product with other on behalf of quality or service [ 3 ].

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It creates trust between customer and manufacturer and gives competitive advantages. According to Kapferer [ 29 ] defined that brand is an identity of a product.

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