Oprah winfrey research paper

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Extract of sample "Oprah Winfrey"

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The Hidden Power of Oprah Winfrey - Research Paper Example

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Her childhood was full of hardships including being raped at an early age of nine. She was born in a poor family and it is even said that her mother was a single teenager who had not enough resources to provide her basic amenities like food and clothing. Her mother worked as a housemaid and her father was a barber, who previously worked as a coal miner. Winfrey was pregnant at the age of 14 after she had run away from home tired of the abuse.

Extract of sample "The Hidden Power of Oprah Winfrey"

After moving to her father, Vernon, she joined the State University of Tennessee and began working at a radio station where she co-anchored an evening local news program. She had such a potential that a third grade Chicago talk show which she hosted became top rated in a very short period of time. Her other early achievements included winning a beauty pageant at the age of The interest and focus of the tabloid talk show shifted from encouraging the LGBT people into the mainstream to promoting literature, spirituality and teaching self-improvement. Oprah Winfrey considers her grandmother to have a key influence in encouraging her towards public speaking.

Oprah winfrey research paper
Oprah winfrey research paper
Oprah winfrey research paper
Oprah winfrey research paper
Oprah winfrey research paper
Oprah winfrey research paper

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