Synthesis essay rubric

How to Write a Synthesis Essay: Basic Knowledge

The AP English Language synthesis essay reveals that in fifty-five minutes you can create a cohesive paper with a stance that incorporates at least three sources.


You must be able to both understand the material given by reading critically as well as crafting a supported argument from the sources. The AP English Language synthesis rubric is a nine point system which determines your score on the synthesis essay. A nine is the highest score and a zero is the lowest score. Four elements of the synthesis essay make up this numbered score.

When writing the synthesis essay you are expected to take a position, or a stance, on a topic. This means that you must read the given sources and formulate your opinion based on the information. By doing this you will form a thesis statement and show that you can prove a point. A great example of taking a stance is from one student sample in This, as well as the other essays that will be examined, are from a prompt that asked the students how the media has affected the presidency and democracy in the United States.

The students must utilize at least three sources in their arguments.

Please feel free to read the full essays here for better understanding. This statement outlines the rest of the essay as well, making this a vital part of the AP English Language synthesis essay rubric. A student that does not take a position will not score well on the synthesis essay.

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How the president was affected needs to be addressed. This is not an arguable statement; therefore, there is no stance taken here. By doing this, the highest score that you will be able to earn is a 2. The AP English Language synthesis essay rubric also includes your ability to synthesize the information that you are given.

Synthesis Paper Rubric

The student must bring together at least three sources and his or her argument in order to receive a high score. These sources must not be merely summarized, but they must also be analyzed and utilized as a point of support within your argument. Although, throughout history this has hardly been the case. Organization leads reader through argument with transitions; however, transitions may be elementary at times i. Additionally, some lead ins may be inadequate. Organization disjointed or hard to follow; few or no transitions. Missing several lead-ins or leadins inadequate to purpose.

No flow to essay , just a collection of unconnected thoughts and examples. Ends with a satisfying conclusion that reiterates thesis and leaves reader thinking about a big picture idea, but does not introduce new ideas. Ends with a conclusion that reiterates thesis but expands minimally or does so in a way that introduces a new idea.

Ends with a conclusion that merely repeats thesis. Delivery conveys message.

Author presents ideas formally and professionally. Author makes few errors in formatting and professionalism.

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Many faulty sentences and misused words make essay unclear. Numerous distracting mechanical errors Delivery interferes with message. Author made many mistakes in formatting and professionalism. Author neglected to use MLA formatting and has numerous errors in formality personal pronouns, contractions, numbers, etc. Synthesis, Essay, Rubric, Arapahoe, Arapahoe. Short-link Link Embed. You should also seek out connections and contrasting elements between the sources in order to give your essay a certain level of nuance and to display your deeper understanding and reasoning skills.

However, it would be wise to use some explanatory techniques even within your argumentative synthesis essay. At its most basic, an argumentative synthesis essay is on in which you must present your own opinions and support them with appropriate ideas and information from your sources.

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Most importantly, the thesis for your argumentative synthesis essay must be a proposition that can be debated. That is, there must be another potential argument against your own. The people who will be scoring your AP Lang synthesis essay use a very clearly defined rubric to determine your score according to various criteria. Unfortunately, these prompt-specific rubrics are not available to the public until after the exams. Here are some of the elements of high-scoring essays that seem to be fairly constant from exam to exam, regardless of the essay prompt topic:.

Before you can start writing a quality synthesis essay, you need to spend some time developing your ideas and seeing how they do or do not relate to your source materials. The following is a list of steps that you should always take before you start writing the bulk of your actual essay. These guidelines will be enormously helpful when it comes time to figure out what you want to say in your essay. Before you do anything, you need to determine what the prompt is asking you to do.

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Read the source material; then, read it again to annotate. Formulate your thesis statement. As you do this, try to keep track of potential aspects of each source that you can use to support your claim. Sketch an outline. When you have a thesis statement down at least a tentative one—you should always be open to revising it as you go , you should sketch a simple outline that includes your thesis statement, supporting points that you can use for topic sentences, and a rough idea of how you will incorporate your sources.

As you go about the work of composing your essay, there are several approaches and strategies to can implement at different points in the essay. None of these elements will be particularly effective in isolation, so be sure to use a variety of these strategies to enhance the complexity and depth of your argument. Summarizing ideas and source material is easy, and for that reason it is not going to do a whole lot in the way of getting you a great score.

It is, however, an incredibly useful tool that, when used in conjunction with other strategies on this list, can be quite effective.

synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
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synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
synthesis essay rubric Synthesis essay rubric
Synthesis essay rubric

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