Thesis statement on watergate

The first moment of substantial drama came with the testimony of John Dean , which subsequently became the standard against which all other testimony was judged.

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But after five days of questioning, the Committee had done little to crack his opening statement regarding the President. The two left the Committee in an apparent state of gridlock. At the end of the July 13 broadcast, Lehrer asked ,. The very next public hearing, in a moment of dramatic irony, that question was answered.

On Monday July 16, the Committee brought out a surprise witness, the unknown former aide Alexander Butterfield , who without flair or showmanship reported that Nixon had recorded all his conversations in the Oval Office. The Committee voted in executive session to request access to the tapes. And he put the Committee on the defense. Regardless of their respective personalities, both denied that they or President Nixon had done anything wrong.

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Haldeman added another wrinkle to the tapes battle when he reported that Nixon had allowed him to listen to some of the tapes at home after he had resigned, thereby undermining the validity of any claims of executive privilege. After Ehrlichman and Haldeman, the Committee retreated from White House insiders to fill in gaps in the existing testimony. Patrick Gray , former acting director of the FBI. The Committee reopened its doors to the public on September 24, but in a manner that left many, including a few senators, feeling that the Committee had lost its purpose.

Despite these concerns, the Committee plowed on. The first witness upon their return was E. The following several witnesses, Frederick Taugher , Kenneth Hickman , Richard Stearns , and Frank Mankiewicz , testified about possible malfeasance by the McGovern campaign, including a violent demonstration. November 6 included five more testimonies in public session and 30 affidavits introduced into the record detailing various other campaign pranks. The last phase of the hearings covered donations to the Nixon campaign that might have involved either quid pro quo deals or pressure for favorable legislation.

Energy during this period was at an all-time low, as both the public and the senators focused their attention elsewhere. Then a representative sample of corporation officials came forward to say that they had been pressured to donate money to the Nixon campaign in exchange for legislative favors.

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The hearings closed on November While the Senate Committee had been diligently detailing the crimes and misdemeanors of campaign men, the case against Nixon had been rapidly building. Cox was eventually fired as well. Reacting to the public uproar for firing Cox, Nixon chose to hand over the tapes that Cox had requested to Judge Sirica.

This led to yet another scandal. Nixon had hoped that by handing over the relatively few tapes that Cox had requested, the desire for tapes would stop.

Thesis Statement On Watergate

Instead there were three bodies, the Senate Watergate Committee, the new Special Prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, and the House Judiciary Committee, interested in the tapes and they all wanted more. On November 27, the leaders of the Senate Watergate investigation committee decided to delay further hearings until after the Christmas break.

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  • On January 4, , the President again refused to give the Committee tapes or honor their subpoenas. After two more sets of delays, on February 19, the Committee voted unanimously to hold no more hearings, allowing the country to focus on the special prosecutor. Judge Sirica, knowing the transcripts to be incomplete, demanded the tapes themselves. I submitted it with days to spare and got an A!

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    Posted by orderpersonalstatement. Nowhere was the war so brutal, so devoid of concern for human life,.

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    Thesis Statement Questions. A thesis statement one or possibly two sentences is the most important Watergate Ph. Dissertation Samples - Writing a Masters Watergate thesis writing service to assist in writing a masters Watergate thesis for a Ph. Thesis statement on the watergate scandal Explain. Sample essay thesis statement on the watergate scandal on Watergate Scandal - words 'The Watergate Complex is a series of dean kept official documents Watergate Thesis Statement - dreamscloset.

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    Thesis statement on watergate
    Thesis statement on watergate
    Thesis statement on watergate
    Thesis statement on watergate
    Thesis statement on watergate
    Thesis statement on watergate

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