Worst thesis statement ever

Why Do You Need a Thesis Sentence/Statement?

To do so, you have to dig deeper into your subject, narrow your focus , and clearly state the direction your essay will take. The thesis is by far the most important sentence you will write for your paper. Without it, your paper will be sloppier than the hyponutritional fare we serve in school cafeterias. Located at the end of your introduction, the thesis tells the reader what your paper is about. In an expository paper , the thesis will present your explanation of the topic at hand. In the case of an analytical paper , it will include your analysis.

And in the most common essay type, the argumentative essay , the thesis presents your argument. The thesis is broken into claims.

These are the various parts of your argument or analysis. Each section of the body of your essay will correspond to one of these claims. In the case of the five-paragraph essay which contains an introduction , three body paragraphs, and a conclusion , you will have three claims in your thesis, one for each of the body paragraphs. So as you can see, the thesis lays out the main points that will be discussed later in the paper. Without a strong thesis statement, your reader will get lost faster than a millennial without GPS.

A good thesis statement will present your points so that the reader has a general idea of what to expect. A great thesis statement will clearly present your specific ideas in a logical order that gives your reader a strong sense of the direction your paper will take. As we mentioned earlier, an argumentative thesis presents your argument. This is the driving force of your entire paper, so we need to get it right. The first part of your thesis addresses the focus of your paper. This is the who or what on which your paper focuses.

Who are you speaking to? For example, you could be addressing Americans, the government, or the middle class.

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For example, you may be writing your paper on student loan debt. This is the debatable topic. You may think student loans and the corresponding debt are a good thing. Or you may be against student loan debt. Either way, you must clearly choose your position in the thesis, or the debate will be off to a weird start.

Next comes the most important part of your thesis: your claims. If the thesis is the backbone of your paper, the claims are the vertebrae. Each claim must support your stance on the issue, for or against. Claims will serve as the main reasons for your argument, and you will use them to argue your case.

Your thesis will look something like this:. I also detest thesis statements because I strongly oppose the idea that we should aspire to know things for certain as either a consequence or a precondition of writing. That is what very good writing — a rare and beautiful thing — should be: a reflection of a commitment to knowing nothing at all and to writing forever into that void. Thank you. Will you care in case I actuallyimplement a number of of your own tips?

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Thanks for your time ,Nelle. The thesis and the five-paragraph essay, tedious though they are, are forms the students are expected to be able to write to for the ACT writing test, for college applications essays. Thanks for reading and responding to this post, MonkeyMoonMachine. K teachers and their students have been suffering the worst of the focus on testing and formulaic writing since well before college teachers knew what was up. I appreciate your perspective here.

What is a Thesis Statement?

But since these forms do not really exist outside testing genres, and resistance to them has to come from somewhere. I suppose that is the genesis of my post.

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Even whole genres like romance novels, according to a friend of mine who writes them are based on prescribed formulas. So I see the problem of formulaic writing as culture-wide. In my own writing practice, I am aware of the ease of fitting new writing into old forms, and I try to expand my own conceptions of what writing can be. Thank you! My mind is so not accepting the concept of a thesis.

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Now that I know I am not crazy I will continue writing my paper without concern for the f…ing thesis!!! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. So why are students obsessed with thesis statements?

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June 10, at am. MonkeyMoonMachine says:. January 1, at pm. May 28, at pm.

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